The Atanium Benefits

Establish trust between parties to achieve greater transactions

We offer enterprise solutions and consulting for buying and selling fuel oil, gasoline, distillate, LNG, and coal to wholesalers, traders, and mandates globally.

Our team works directly with suppliers and buyers for global commodities including agriculture crops, timber, agroforestry, and infrastructure.

We build on trust and knowledge for the past three decades with long-term client relationships and excellent financing equipment to deliver valued investments.

The Value of Atanium

Delivers successful transactions for all parties involved

Understanding and honoring the value of each party’s contribution is the key for solving any complex puzzle to achieve successful transactions.

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  • We bring innovative solutions to suppliers, trading partners, and brokers.

  • We represent buyers truthfully to protect their interests and profits.

Our Commitment

We work around the clock to make successful transactions for buyers and sellers.

Our team is highly motivated and committed to solving complex challenges and removing time zone barriers to achieving greater results in timing-critical transactions.

What We Offer

  • First-class solutions and services

  • Direct global buyers and suppliers

  • Greater opportunities with new valuable contacts

  • Higher profitability and consistency

  • Successful transaction for all parties

  • A truthful business relationship

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